Fundraising Appeal

Already preparations are being made for the 2020 festival, but we need your help! You can appreciate that a significant amount of money has to be raised each year to maintain the prestigious reputation which Lytham has attained over the years, and only through the generous help from people such as yourselves can we continue the heritage of our town.

Annually, we organise fundraising events and we also ask people to become a Friend of Lytham Club Day to help raise funds. In the past, the results from the Friends have been very encouraging. Last year we received donations ranging from £5 upwards and in total raised a fantastic £3639.00. A massive thank you to all of you who so generously contributed and made the day a success, and the envy of many other similar organisations.

To give you some idea of the expenditure, it cost over £25,000 to run the event last year, the bulk of the outlay being for Bands, Morris Dancers, Medals and Prizes, Equipment and Insurance. The committee is not paid for all their hard work during the year, and indeed the majority of them find it costs them money as well as time in organising the various aspects of Club Day for which they are responsible.

If you would like to become a 'Friend of Lytham Club Day' and support us in our appeal for donations then please complete the donation form and post it with your donation to our Fund Raising Officer:

Chris Kitchener, 5 Moorfield Drive, Lytham, FY8 4QB

Everyone who donates will be included in the Club Day Magazine and have their name listed here on our website.

For a copy of the donation form, please  click here.

The Friends of Lytham Club Day can be found here